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Since our visit in 2019 we support Vietnamese families with our private funds.


We have founded the association "Give A Future" to provide long-term support and encouragement to other families and their children for their personal and professional training.


Your donations will be used entirely to support Vietnamese families and their children. All members of the association work 100% voluntarily. For example, travel for association purposes is financed privately and not with donations.


Who are we?


Corina Winkler


Ulrich Moser
Vice President

In August 2019 we visited Hanoi and were deeply impressed and very moved by the children who approached us on the street to learn English. During our visit, we were also lucky to meet a small local initiative that supports families from poor backgrounds in the education of their children. Often the income is not enough - especially in poorer Vietnamese families - to finance a child's education for a self-determined and perspective future.



Give A Future

Dennigkofenweg, 183
3072 Ostermundigen

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