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Promoting English

State schools teach reading, writing and mathematics in the national language. English lessons, which would give the children a much better start in the world of work, are largely absent.

"Give A Future" promotes English lessons for the children and thus contributes to better starting conditions for later professional life.


Arousing Creativity​

Especially in professional life, "creative minds" are sought-after and coveted employees. Creativity shows itself in thinking and acting and is an important prerequisite for the development of children and their environment. "Give A Future" supports the children's creativity with drawing and design courses as a balance to their everyday school life.


Impart computer science knowledge

In order to be better able to survive in an evolving digital world, IT skills are becoming increasingly important. Adapted to the age of the children, these basics are taught in programming. "Give A Future" supports the children with programming and computer science courses and thus imparts valuable basics.


Making information available

Only about half of the Vietnamese have more or less stable Internet access (Switzerland almost 95%). Internet access is often limited to a smartphone that is used by the entire family. "Give A Future" provides children with notebooks for digital learning on-demand and enables digital access to the online courses offered.


Provision of food

You learn better on a full stomach! Some of the children only get barely enough to eat at home. This was particularly noticeable during the lockdown because the meals administered at school were no longer available. This is why "Give A Future" organises regular meals for the children after school.


Supporting families

Many Vietnamese families have to make a living with less than 300 USD per month, which is often not enough to pay the school fees for the children. 

"Give A Future" supports needy families - in addition to supporting their children at school - also financially and relieves the parents emotionally in their caring responsibility towards their children.  

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